FULTON HOMES customers are speaking out!
Every week we hear from happy customers who are proud to own a Fulton Home. We love our customers and are excited to have some of the best employees in the industry. Please keep the positive feedback coming and thank you for making us proud to build !

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  • Gratitude
    Dear Fulton Homes,

    I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the beautiful home that my family and I moved into in 2015. While we did not have the opportunity to build our home from scratch, we are grateful for the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into building the home, and we appreciate the level of care that your team took to maintain it before we moved in. From the moment we first saw the home, we were impressed with the design and layout, and we knew that it was the perfect home for us. The finishes and fixtures were all of high quality, and the home was immaculately clean and well-maintained. We were especially grateful for the energy-efficient features that the home had, which made it both comfortable and cost-effective to live in. Since moving in, we have enjoyed every moment of living in our home. It has been a comfortable and safe haven for our family, and we appreciate the care that your team took to ensure that it was move-in ready. We have also been impressed with the level of customer service that we have received from your team, who have been responsive and helpful whenever we have had any issues or concerns. In closing, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Fulton Homes for providing us with a beautiful, high-quality home that we have enjoyed living in for the past six years. Thank you for everything that you have done for us, and we look forward to many more happy years in our home.

  • A Compliment For Your Employee

    I’m a Fulton Homes customer and I’d like to leave a compliment for one of your employees, Justin, at Cooley Station in Gilbert, AZ. He has been the most amazing help since the moment I met him. While our home was being built he kept me up to date and in the know about the progress of our home and potential delays. Now that our home is done and we’re residing in it, he’s continued to be even more helpful! He’s always available to take my call and help me resolve any problem I may have. He goes above and beyond to take care of us and he deserves recognition for that!

  • The Best Lenders In the Business
    Fulton Team,

    Approximately six years ago, I was having trouble getting a loan to move into a new Fulton home. One of your salesmen, Tom said try Carisa Winklepleck, she has a way of making things work. Well, to my surprise, Carisa did help me qualify, (even with a bankruptcy) and we were able to move into our new Fulton home at Queen Creek Station. I was so surprised she was able to make it work. Especially after trying two other very popular mortgage companies in the valley area. After living in our beautiful 4,000 square foot home for five years, it was time to down size since five of our nine children had moved out. Well, there was no question as who to ask for another mortgage loan to qualify for another Fulton home. Barney Farms looked very attractive and again with the help of Carisa, we were able to qualify for another mortgage. I don't know if you realize what a great asset she is to your company, but to me it was the greatest feeling having someone on my side that was willing to go the extra mile and walk me through the procedure for a second time. After walking into her office in Chandler and seeing that wall full of honorary certificates, I realize how she earned every one of them. In my personal opinion, Carisa is the best and always will be. Someone that respects her clients, works very hard to get them qualified and definitely goes the extra mile to see they are happy and all goes well ending with a mortgage to purchase a beautiful home. My thanks for Carisa and everyone that made our purchase work.

  • An Incredible Team
    Good morning,

    We're now a month into our new home in Estrella Commons. Just wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you and to recognize some of your outstanding team. We are sure that you have some frustrated and angry homebuyers these days, but [we] are NOT among them. Hopefully some positive words will brighten your week.

    We signed our contract on 11/9/2020. We got our keys on 3/23/2022. Not that we were keeping track or anything, but that adds up to 500 days. While that was frustrating at times, everything about our new home has been worth the wait!

    Our initial contact with Jennifer was a pleasure. One of the main reasons we came back again and again to re-view the model and ask more questions. Throughout the process, she was transparent and forthcoming, doing her best to keep us up to date, even when the news wasn't so good, or when there was NO news.

    As construction progressed, Terry proved to be very knowledgeable and thorough. Very reassuring, excellent attention to detail. The delays and holdups were unavoidable, but he and his team did their best to work around them whenever possible.

    During orientation, we met Michael and Rick. Both were extremely thorough, personable and clear, making sure we had all of our questions answered, even some we didn't know we had.

    One or two minor repairs have cropped up, but Travis has handled each of them promptly and efficiently. And Ann Marie has reached out multiple times to get things on the calendar.

    The construction business isn't easy in these challenging times. (Is there a business that IS easy?) But Fulton Homes has done everything possible to make our new home purchase painless and straightforward.

    While we are firmly committed to NEVER buying another house, and NEVER moving again, we would repeat the process with Fulton Homes in a heartbeat.

    Please convey our thanks to your incredible team. We truly appreciate everyone that has impacted our new home purchase.

  • Compliments on your excellent staff

    My wife, and I are purchasing [a home] at The Groves (the Live Oak plan #2481) and I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you on what has been an overall excellent buying experience! Both Linn, our primary sales associate, and Ed have been most helpful in the purchasing process, especially in explaining the details and considerations associated with a spec home. I particularly wanted to thank Linn as he had remembered our previous visit and was instrumental in recommending to us the Live Oak model that had become available on our return visit to your site.

    My primary reason for writing this email is that I wanted to make a special mention of our interior designer, Stephen, at your design center. Stephen was patient, understanding, and extraordinarily helpful with our design choices. We were both impressed with his knowledge of options and his ability to help us achieve a uniform and harmonious design. Your design center is quite the showpiece, and we were impressed (but rather overwhelmed!) with the enormous range of choices available to us. Stephen was able to guide us through the process and achieve a result with which we are both very pleased.

    We have purchased multiple new homes in our careers, but this was our first experience with Fulton Homes, and I can definitely say that we are impressed!

    Thank you again!

  • Realty Pros Love Us, Too

    I work for RE/MAX Professionals. We currently have 3 [clients with] new builds in the Estrella Commons subdivision. With all of the challenges in today's market, I thought it was important to let you know that Jennifer has been a tremendous asset to Fulton Homes. She is always on top of her files and is quick to respond to any and all requests, regardless if it is her day off or not! She is very professional and provides great customer service to clients but also to the agents that represent them. Based of the quality of homes that Fulton builds AND the great customer service we have received from Jennifer, we will always make Fulton Homes one of our first stops when we have a client looking to move to Arizona!

    Thank You!

  • Proud To Build!
    My husband and I moved to the Phoenix valley in 1994 and have since purchased four built-to- own homes. Each home was a unique experience, and we count ourselves fortunate that each home was without issue. We always looked at Fulton Homes models, but it wasn't until the fourth home purchase that everything aligned and we found our perfect home.

    We purchased our Fulton Home last August and moved in June 2021. While we are thrilled with our home, the purpose of this letter is to highlight the difference this home has been for us from the others. Exceptional service falls short in describing our experience overall with Fulton Homes but in particular, there is a very unique person in your employ that exemplifies ownership and customer service — Marlon, Project Manager for the Morrison Ranch, Lakeview Trails.

    From the initial visit with Marlon to review the purchased items, timelines and building expectations, Marlon has been continuously available and responsive to any and all questions, concerns and changes. We have felt comfortable in all correspondence efforts with Marlon and can count on a quick and thorough response from him. That attention to detail only increased once we moved in. From our walkthrough to turnover, Marlon has been available to assist with whatever the issue is, no matter how busy he was and during the dreadful heat of this summer. There is always a smile on his face and he always brings a positive attitude to the meet.

    More than once during our first week in our home, Marlon was the person on site to address the window problem, or the drain not holding water or listening to our concerns regarding a problem with our refrigerator. His attention to detail and his capable hands were a blessing to us as items on our check list were immediately taken care of.

    This type of customer service should not go unnoticed and should represent the type of service I'm certain Fulton Homes would like to have emulated.

    Your motto, "You're proud to own, We're proud to build" is wrapped in the person that Marlon is. He shared with us on our initial visit, our home would be finished as if he was going to live there. We feel he met and exceeded his goal!

  • Thank You!
    I want to start at the beginning, My wife and I were thinking of buying a new home last year in August, when some things happened and we came across an announcement that Fulton Homes was building a new community in Surprise and that was the city where we were looking to move to.

    Knowing about Fulton and their great reputation, being an Arizona company as well, we were very excited, my wife and I watched eagerly to view these models/community called Escalante coming soon to Surprise. Well we got inpatient so we drove out to the community and well we walked the framed models for Silverado inside Escalante. My wife fell in love with the Raymond plan, so we were going to wait until the models were completely done and open to go in to talk to your sales team. Well my wife decided to call well before that, she knew this was the house we wanted and there is no reason for waiting.

    Shelly our sales person met us on a Sunday drove us to a dirt lot and said what do you think of LOT 192. We signed the paperwork right then and there. So our Journey began. Through the course of this journey, the Fulton team was amazing and EXPLAINED a lot of what we didn’t understand.

    We met with Stephen in the design center explained what we wanted and he helped us understand what everything would look like together so we could get a visual and he was very patient with us.

    Purchasing team Lori and Amy were just awesome always quick to answer questions !!! Rick and Mark in the field extremely helpful. Rick would answer any questions we had.

    Your customer care team that did our walk thru explained everything in detail did not try and rush anything answered all our questions. Susan helped us out with coordination in a water facet I forgot about until the end.

    We love our home, so thank you! Your team is amazing.
  • Exactly what we wanted
    I would like to tell you how happy my husband and I are with Fulton Homes. We have received nothing but excellent service from everyone in the Sales Office; Ed and customer care, also our designer at the Design Center; Keith and our Project Manager; Jim and his assistants and his crew.

    Every phone call, e-mail or text was returned promptly and the communications were clear. We lived in California at the time of our purchase, so good communication was a necessity.

    We did a Zoom with our Project Manager, Jim and he understood every request we had and made our build as smooth as possible. We moved into our home on Sunday, Oct. 25 and even since then (after the purchase had already been made) we have had nothing but excellent care and follow ups to make sure everything is working properly.

    Our home is beautiful. We have exactly what we wanted. Please keep in mind, there were no complaints from anyone, considering we were in the middle of Covid-19. Jim and Alex are the best contractors I have ever worked with. Their attitudes and professionalism exceeds what would normally be expected. They recognized issues that needed to be corrected without us needing to bring them to anyone’s attention, consequently, our close was delayed a week, but only to our benefit. We were also reimbursed for the expenses we incurred with late cancellations. I do not know who to thank for that, but it was the right thing to do and showed again what a great company Fulton is to do business with.
  • Unmatched Professionalism
    If it were not for the group of you all listed here and the many not listed, that I do not know - Jonathan and I would not have closed. I have closed over 1,100 homes in 20 years. The last two that were orchestrated by Carisa, Art and Tripp and all their teams put a dream for Jonathan and me to be a reality.

    I have bought over 50 homes for my self and investment over the years. These last two homes were the most important to me. They were the dream for both Jonathan and me to live next door to each other. Ironwood Crossing offered the community and location for this to happen.

    After I screwed up with another lender and, all was falling apart, the Fulton team put me in touch with Carisa at Fairway Mortgage, who spearheaded the financing and recovery.

    Professionalism I expect; but the amount of expertise this team possess is absolutely the finest in our industry and matches the many fine teams i worked with throughout my International career.

    I want to thank you all.
  • Definitely Recommend!
    We are extremely happy with the entire process of purchasing our new home. Our Sales associate, Art Ferguson, was a huge help in getting started and answering our questions. We lived out of state while we waited for our home and Art went above and beyond to make sure we got everything handles through email/phone he even had pictures of our house sent over when possible.

    We worked with project manager Bryan Pottorff and assistant PM Gabe Navarrette and could not be happier with the experience. They helped make the process easy and were available to answer any questions we had. After our final walk through they were able to fix the small issue very quickly and have the home ready once it was signed over. They continue to stop by and follow up with issues we have. We were extremely satisfied with the work they provided.

    Our design appointment was with Keith Murphy. We attended a design night prior to our appt and met with Keith. He help us walk through the process and how it would work. He answered all our questions and help find all the items we were looking for. Our appt went very smooth and we were very happy with our the design turned out.

    We used Fairway for our loan and Nathan Trussell was our loan officer. He went above and beyond to help us with the process and answer our many questions. Being first time home buyers we had MANY questions. He made the process less stressful and was always quick to respond when we didn''t understand the next steps.

    We would absolutely recommend Fulton to anyone looking for a new home. The entire process was smooth and the amount of amenities included were amazing. The design center had more than enough options. We would definitely consider Fulton again for any future homes.
  • Great Team Effort
    Beth Bell was excellent. We couldn''t have asked for a better person to work with. Since we live in Atlanta, GA. currently, Beth provided great support in answering any question we had regarding the build process or concerns we may have had. She is someone we would consider our friend. When Beth was not available, Phil Benson was also extremely helpful and was quick to assist with any questions we had. Having our first new house built and not living locally was extremely stressful and having a excellent Fulton Homes team made this process much easier to managed.

    Arlene Grobosky, from the Fulton Homes Design Center, was also extremely helpful. We had originally travelled to AZ (for just 1 week) to look at resale homes, and then looked at new home builds and decided on the Ironwood Crossing development. After we decided to purchase a Fulton home, we only had three days after completing all the paperwork, before we had to leave. Beth was able to get us on Arlene's schedule for day before we were scheduled to leave, so we had a whirlwind, full day at the Design Center. Having not gone through this process before, Arlene was extremely patient and provided excellent guidance and suggestions when selecting our options. She made this as stress-free as she could, which greatly made us enjoy this time. Since this happened in such a quick timeframe, we did have any time to prepare prior to our appointment. I would have been nice to have had a couple of days to go through this process, but unfortunately, we didn''t and made the best of the time we had. Having only had one day, we are extremely happy with our selections and having input from Arlene during this time has greatly appreciated.

    Michael Trujillo (Prj. Mngr.) and Keith Stierman (Asst Prj. Mngr.) were also great to work with. Again, living in Georgia could have made this build process very stressful, but working with Michael made this very manageable. Any question that I had during this long process, Michael always was quick to respond, and his explanations were always clear. During the final walk-thru/Closing, I worked with Keith, who was extremely easy to work with. He addressed any issues/concerns that I had and took care of the punch list items that needed to be corrected.

    We had the pleasure of have Darren Ellingson (aka Gary) for the Home Orientation. He was extremely informative and helpful in going through the orientation and gave us insights on what to do going forward regarding maintaining our new house and making sure that we register all the new appliances, water softening and heating/cooling systems. As for the aka Gary comment above, both myself and my wife had thought his name was Gary, and spent the whole day calling him Gary. We felt so embarrassed that we had mistaken his name and once we found out we apologized, and his comment was "don''t worry about it".

    I have had couple of interactions with Melanie Patton, Customer Care Coordinator, and she has been extremely helpful and the few issues that have occurred, she had them corrected very quickly.
  • Sharing some good news!
    We just wanted to take a quick second to let you know we have enjoyed the home building process thus far and have been excited each time we see progress made. My brother, who owns a stucco company, and my father, who is a general contractor both had a chance to take a look at it the other day. They both said it is one of the best framing jobs they have seen and were very impressed. So often people only speak up when they want to complain so we thought we do the opposite and share some good news. :) Have a great rest of your week.
  • Excellent Financial Servies from Fulton Homes Preferred Lender
    To Whom it May Concern,
    I wanted to inform you of the excellent financial services that we received using your preferred lender Homeowners Financial Group. Carisa W. and her team did any outstanding job facilitating a VA loan for the purchase of our Fulton home in Autumn Park, Chandler. By far, this was the smoothest real estate purchase that I have made. Carisa was always polite and readily available to answer questions about the loan process. Escrow and signing final loan documents was a breeze.

    Although I do not foresee moving anytime in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Homeowners Financial Group again. If opportunity presents itself, I will be recommending Carisa to others seeking real estate loans or refinancing.

    Thanks Fulton for partnering with this excellent team.

  • Customer Service Star
    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to specifically Linda K. and also Fulton for taking care of my AC issue promptly and with great customer service. I was nervous how things would work out and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you also to Chas Roberts and their technician who was very polite and thorough. I look forward to this continued great customer service in the future!!

    Thanks !

  • "Making dreams come true"
    To all of you that made it possible. [My wife] and I really want to thank all of you. You're hard work and dedication has turned our dream into a reality. For many years a home of our own, was a dream that was always just out of our reach. We did not expect it to be any different, but decided to take a shot at it. From beginning to end, builder to title, the entire process was made easy from all who worked on getting us into a home. Every step of the way all of you at Fulton Homes displayed patience ,explained every thing in detail, encouraged us and showed complete professionalism and courtesy to us. . There is no way to explain the positive impact this is to have on us. Thank you is nowhere near strong enough of a word to express our gratefulness. Please share this with all involved and the corporations involved. I am sure you do not hear it as much as you deserve to.
  • "A couple of true stars"
    We recently closed on our new Fulton Home at Cooley Station and I wanted to pass along feedback on our experience. First of all, our sales person Pat is the BEST. Pat was there for us every single step of the way. He answered every question with patience and understanding during the purchasing and construction process. He ALWAYS followed up on every issue or concern. Pat is absolutely an asset to Fulton Homes and represents your company with the utmost professionalism at all times.

    We also were introduced to Carisa to handle our mortgage, and Carisa is also a shining star! She has excellent follow up and follow thur and of course, a wonderful, engaging and friendly personality to match her level of personal service.

    I am sure you always hear about the "bad" things, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know about of couple of the true all stars that you have in your line up that made our Fulton Home buying experience a real pleasure.
  • "Oh Fulton, They're Good!"
    I would like to take this opportunity to relate our recent experience in purchasing our first Fulton home. From our initial drive through Ashcreek and falling in love with the neighborhood to meeting [our sales person] Larry to the picking up our keys – this has been hands down the best home buying experience we have ever had. Between me & my husband we have purchased 5 new-home builds so we know what we are talking about!

    In summary, I can now see why everyone we advised that we are building a Fulton home has said “Oh Fulton, they’re good!”. The employees, processes and vendors have made this relatively easy and enjoyable. I tell everyone how your company has this down to a science & has been a fantastic experience.

    But above all else the people that you are partnered with and employed in your company is impressive. I am amazed at the tenure of the Fulton staff we have met. That speaks volumes to me as a manager in a corporation. I know what it takes to hire the right people and the work to retain them. Hats off to you by what your family has built and here’s to many more successful and happy customers!
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    I wanted to take a minute of your time to share an experience my wife and I recently encountered with Dave, one of your key assets at Fulton Homes within your Customer Care Team. We had two issues that were concerning to my wife & I and weren't sure what the potential long term ramifications could be. First was a leak between the shower pan and wall in our master bath, the second was some large significant cracking that was taking place in our kitchen/great room.

    From the initial visit, Dave's leadership and exceptional customer service was fully displayed as he quickly had both repairs scheduled on the calendar. He assured us that they would be repaired and addressed in a timely manner which ended up exceeding our expectations as he arrived with two different crews to have the repairs completed. I can't express my gratitude and appreciation enough as Dave was phenomenal.

    It's these type of people like Dave and the top notch customer service we received that will keep us in a Fulton Home as long as possible. I've made sure to share my overall experience with our key HR Relocation Executive's and will continue to refer people to Fulton Homes due to people like Dave.
  • Looking Forward
    Thank you so much! I am so looking forward to move. My experience with Fulton Homes was the best and it all started with "Beth". She is very professional, caring and supportive of both the buyer and Fulton Homes Corp. She constantly kept me updated on the building progress and understands these houses will be our "Home".

    Thank You!
  • In the Know!
    The orientation went so well yesterday. In 12 years as a realtor, I have never attended a new home walk in which the home was so perfect. We literally tagged only a small handful of items, most of which were taken care of before we even left the home. I know it takes a good team to hand over such a great product. I'd like to send this compliment to Mr. Fulton, or whomever is the best person to hear it!
  • Proud To Own Their Second Fulton Home
    Dear Mr. Fulton,
    I cannot begin to express the gratitude our family feels to you, your family and your company. We closed on our new Fulton home on 8/7/12 and at the time of our walk through, we were asked to put some comments in the website about our experience. We didn't want to haphazardly put comments like "good job, we love our new home" into the comments. Our sentiments are much deeper than that. We wanted to take the time to carefully think about the critical roles everyone at Fulton played in getting us into our home. From the salesmen that helped start the process, to the design center, to the construction crews, project managers and customer service; every single person we came into contact with from Fulton Homes was top notch!

    I'll start with the sales people we worked with. Hal Beebe and Les George were simply amazing! Back in 2009, we tried to buy our second Fulton home but at the time we were going through a short sale on our old home. Due to that we were not able to get financing and therefore lost our deposit monies. After some time had passed and we decided to buy again, we wanted nothing other than a Fulton Home. Les and Hal were able to resurrect those old funds (getting approvals from leaders in the Fulton Organization) in order to make it happen! That was a HUGE part in making our dream of home ownership a reality again.

    The design process was also a great experience. Margo Johnson was very patient taking her time to pull samples over and over again, helping to coordinate, adding her design expertise and advice when needed. When I needed things priced out before I could make a decision, she gladly did so and in the end, the choices we made together were beautiful!

    Next, was the construction process. This is obviously the longest part of the home buying process. Being as excited as we were- we visited the home quite often during construction. During this time we met Larry! He oversaw the intricate details of the building process and facilitated our frame walk through. He educated us on what to expect, timing of things, and made sure to make notes of things we brought to his attention. For example, one day while visiting the house, it was framed and drywalled and we noticed that the door frame to the Master bedroom was severely off centered. We had no idea how, if at all, it could be fixed. Larry jumped into action, and by the next day the whole door frame was removed and re-centered appropriately. Albert is another excellent example of a stellar employee. Albert oversaw the completion of the home once most of the construction was done. He ensured the final touches were made and the home was clean. I have never seen such HARD WORKING, diligent, mindful individuals working together like that in a very long time!

    Lastly, we did our walk-through with Jeff Donnell. He was very patient with us as we walked through and checked every door, every wall, identified any imperfections, etc. Nothing was too big or too small. He wanted us to be happy- and we are. He did a great job explaining how everything works in our home and was very thorough.

    I don't want to leave off anyone because truly everyone does a great job at Fulton Homes- even the girls in the office handling paperwork! Everything was completed timely and accurately.

    Mr. Fulton, you should be very proud of the extremely hard working individuals you have working for your company. They were so respectful and we have the utmost respect for you, your employees and the product you provide- a home. We truly love our new home and plan on bringing our grandkids home to this house someday!

    Thank you so much for everything.
    Proud to own our second Fulton Home.
  • Fulton Homes Makes New Home Purchase Fun
    On August 8 we visited your office and began our journey of purchasing a new home.

    On August 14 we worked with Cindee K., Design Consultant at Fulton Design Center,Tempe, AZ.
    Our expectations were that of dread, pressure and frustration.
    Instead we were so pleased with the assistance and guidance she offered us. She was professional and considerate of our needs. Even though we spent a full day with her we left feeling confident in our choices and full of gratitude for her input, in fact we had fun! She was a true asset to us.

    Following the Design Center visit we met with Debbie C, Home Mortgage Consultant (Fulton Homes Motgage). She stayed late in order to meet with us after 5:00 pm. Our time spent with her was also enjoyable and stress free. She explained the loan process to us and we will to continue to work with her on a long distance basis (California), we know she will be there to answer our needs.

    We look forward to moving into our new Fulton Home and thus far are more than pleased with your's, Cindee's and Debbie's assistance.

    Thank you.
  • Happy to Have Found Fulton Homes
    Dear Fulton Homes,

    Both Dennis and I would like to take this time to thank you, Amy and especially Margo.

    On our first meeting you took the time to sit down with us and explain in great detail the entire process in purchasing a Fulton Home.On the ride home both Dennis and I agreed that we would purchase a home through Fulton. The following Saturday we purchased the "Panormus" located in Ironwood Crossing.

    Art Ferguson is our "sales representative" and we are both very grateful for that. Art has guided us through the entire process. We got "burned" so badly with our purchase in Reno, NV and Art has been a "true" miracle-worker in his own right.

    Huge compliments go out to all of the designers in your "design center"!!! All of them have treated us with respect and yet been more than accomidating towards us. Our designer was Margo. The both of us feel truly blessed to have her assigned to us. She is delightful to work with and her "eye" for decorating has helped us create the "house of our dreams". We will be forever grateful to her.

    It has been 3 years since we uncovered the "Fulton" name. We have the experience in purchasing as well as building our previous homes. It wasn't until we came across the "Fulton" name and every sales representative we've talked to through the past years has stated over and over to us that they are all committed to the "Fulton" name. Now we can see why.
  • A Picture Says A 1000 Words
    The first dinner in our new home

    We recently received this picture from one of our customers depecting the first dinner in their new Fulton Home.

    Although construction is not quite complete, it is obvious they are eager to begin enjoying their new home. Thanks for sharing the photo and helping to make us proud to build!