Hit-and-Run Survivor's Family Awarded Free Pool Fence

Valley Homebuilder recognizes the Ritcheys as the this week's deserving winner of their Fence Patrol Program

The family of a hit-and-run survivor and amputee will be awarded a free pool fence on Tuesday, May 24 at 7 a.m. Kristina and Tyler Ritchey, of Gilbert, just bought a home with a pool but, it lacks a pool fence. They have three young girls and are worried about their safety around the water. With the expenses of a new home and medical bills looming, money is tight and there is none left for a pool fence.

Ritchey Family Dad Tyler Ritchey, is an amputee. He lost his leg when he was 20-years-old in a hit-and-run accident that nearly killed him. And, those who nominated this deserving family say the pool is a benefit for both the kids and Tyler. "Besides being fun to play in, one of the huge benefits to having a pool is for Tyler to do some physical therapy," said Emily Payne, one of many relatives who nominated the Ritcheys. "He already went and bought water weights. He goes to the gym, but due to all of his physical limitations he is limited on what he can do."

The family was hoping to have a pool fence installed by the time they finalized the paperwork on their new home. Now, with the help of family and The Fulton HomesFence Patrol program, The Ritcheys will have the fence they need.

"With the Richey's pool will not only be used recreationally, but will also be used to help Mr. Richey's physical progression. It is imperative that the Richey be awarded a free pool fence, and Fulton Homes is proud to do so, "said Douglas Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes.

Drowning related deaths is one of the leading causes in children across the country. According to childrensafetyzone.com, in the first four months of 2011, there have already been 17 water related deaths in Maricopa County including five children. There have also been a total of 34 water related incidents. In 2010, 48 deaths, including 20 children, resulted from 140 water-related incidents.

Fulton Homes has always been a proud proponent of Water Safety in the Phoenix area. The Fulton Homes Fence Patrol has helped hundreds of people equip their homes with barriers to help prevent youngsters from falling into the pool. The long-running Two Seconds is Too Long campaign has helped raise awareness of the tragedy of child drowning. The company also supports the Valley of the Sun YMCA, providing swimming lessons to disadvantaged youths who learn valuable life skills, including personal safety and growth, stroke development, rescue and water sports.

Arizona Pool Fence Laws state that all residential pools must be enclosed by a barrier. Families with children under six must also have a barrier blocking access to the pool from the house. Some cities allow door alarms in place of the pool barrier. Also, certain homes are exempt depending on when they were built. However, most homes must be brought up to code if remodeled or sold.

Interested parties in the Fulton Homes Fence Patrol have until July 4, 2011 to nominate themselves or someone else for a pool fence, by logging on to www.kmle108.com and clicking on the Fence Patrol icon. For more information call (602) 452-1000 or go to www.fultonhomes.com and click on the "Fulton Foundation" link.

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