Imagine a Natural Gas Filling Station in your garage.
Fulton Homes continues its commitment to innovation and energy efficiency.
Fuel Up At Home Fulton Homes is teaming up with Southwest Gas and Auto-Nation Honda to be the first and only homebuilder in the US to offer an option for a home filling station of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Imagine the convenience of never having to find a gas station again, while filling up with clean Natural Gas in your own garage. The filling station is offered as an option in all of the plans at Queen Creek Station. Homes equipped with a CNG filling station will receive a separate gas meter from Southwest Gas. The rate for natural gas will be the residential rate which costs less than the commercial rate and is much more affordable than regular unleaded gasoline. Another great advantage of Fueling Up at Home, is that you will have unlimited access to the carpool lane, saving you precious time on your daily commute. You will also pay less to register your vehicle. Other elements of Fuel Up at Home include:
Energy Center
  • Carbon Monoxide reduced by 75%
  • Carbon Dioxide reduced by 25-30%
  • Particle matter emissions reduced by up to 90%
  • Volatile organic compound emissions decrease 55%
  • Engine parts last longer because of reduced lead
You can purchase a factory equipped vehicle or have one converted to CNG. We have a complete list of vehicles and converter options in our sales offices.
Visit the energy Center at Queen Creek Station to learn more about the CNG vehicles, see the Honda Civic CNG car and filling station as well as viewing our commitment to building energy efficient homes with Energy Star and Indoor AirPLUS.


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