Smart Home Features Are Increasing
in Popularity for Valley New Home Buyers

Fulton Homes reports that nearly 1/3 of their buyers are adding Smart Home features

Clare Controls
New homebuyers are finding new reasons to be excited about their choice to pick a new build over a resale. Valley homebuilders have been slowly incorporating "Smart Home" features into their options. Fulton Homes takes it one step further and actually wires all their new homes, regardless of size, for these state of the art features like remote access to heating, cooling and lighting as well as entertainment options and enhanced safety and security. Another set of these features is available with wi-fi ready appliances.

The convenience and security factor of these additions to new homes has really taken a foothold with buyers. Fulton Homes is now reporting that 30% of their buyers are choosing at least one of these features, provided by Clare Controls.

Dennis Webb, Fulton Homes' vice president of operations said, "In the past Smart Home features appealed to a very niche audience, but more and more our buyers are choosing these options to enhance the security, convenience factor and entertainment value of their Fulton home."

At Fulton Homes 13,000 square foot design center, prospective home buyers can choose from a vast array of options including Smart Home features. The Clare Controls new Smart Home Display showcases the value and benefits of Clare smart home packages. Additionally, Fulton Homes Design Online, an online portal in the Fulton Homes Design Center, gives home buyers the opportunity to browse floor plans, view products, and check out Clare Controls smart home packages.

Fulton Homes believes the quality of lifestyle is an important factor, which is why homeowners will find unique amenities like smart home technology in their new homes as a standard.

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