Fence Patrol to Help Grandmother Protect Children

Life-saving pool fence 'means a lot' for worried parents.

Like a lot of young parents, Mitchell Farrington and his fiancé leave their 2-year-old daughter with a family member when they leave for work each morning. His mother watches four of her family's children each day. That's wonderful and frightening at the same time because the pool in her yard has no fence.

Fulton Homes, KMLE Country 108 and Ironman Pool Fence will correct that problem on Tuesday, June 12. Farrington is the sixth winner of a pool fence in the 2012 Fulton Homes Fence Patrol program. Before the end of the summer, 15 families who need a pool fence will receive one through the program.

"Nothing could make us more happy than protecting our family with a pool fence, but we just cannot afford it," Mitchell Farrington said. "Thank you for having this contest. It means a lot."

The family's new pool fence will be installed by Ironman Pool Fence on Tuesday, June 12, beginning at 6:30 a.m. Media are invited to attend; the details are listed below.

"Each week the stories of the families that understand the importance of protecting children around the family swimming pool touch me," said Doug Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes. "This grandmother spends her days helping her grandchildren grow up safely. It means a lot to us, too, to help families like this one."

As of June 6 there have been 58 water-related incidents in the Valley in 2012, 44 involving children, according to Children's Safety Zone. Eight of those children have died.

The Fence Patrol program includes a fence as well as installation by Ironman Pool Fence. Fences are specifically designed to meet city codes for optimum safety. Valley residents are encouraged to nominate themselves or a deserving family for a free pool fence. A properly installed pool barrier prevents a child from getting over, under or through it to gain access to the pool or spa.

Arizona pool fence laws state that all residential pools must be enclosed by a barrier. Families with children under 6 must also have a barrier blocking access to the pool from the house. Some cities allow door alarms in place of the pool barrier. Some older homes are exempt from the laws, but most homes must add a fence if they are remodeled or sold.

Interested parties have until August 7, 2012, to nominate themselves or someone else for a pool fence by logging on to www.kmle108.com and clicking on the Fence Patrol icon. Or, for more information call (602) 452-1000.


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